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A comprehensive guide to understanding AWS best practices. 

Just a couple of years ago, the race was on for dominance in the cloud. While Amazon Web Services has always largely been the market share leader, other giants like Google, Microsoft, and Oracle were making strides in the space and aiming to dominate the cloud market. Has this race for dominance in the cloud continued on, or has a leader solidified their standing? 

Hybrid Vs. Native Approach: 2019 Trends in App Development

Is there a development approach that might be best suited for a specific project, company size, and/or budgetary constraints?

7 Cloud Computing Predictions for 2018

With preparedness for how cloud computing and storage is changing the technology landscape and several industries around the world, businesses can be better equipped to manage this change and stay ahead of the technology curve. 

Blockchain Technology: Moving Beyond Bitcoin

The sharp rises and falls in the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have dominated the conversation on blockchain assets, although their valuations have little to do with the actual blockchain network they run on. 

The Austin Healthcare Innovation Zone: Where Tech and Healthcare Merge

Featuring a Q&A with Texas State Senator Kirk Watson

Creative Push Notifications to Drive Application Use

Push notifications are one of the best sources to a marketing team looking to drive user engagement within their app. For a business to be successful, getting people to download the app is not enough considering the short attention spans of mobile users and the enormously cluttered app market.

Will Amazon Save Healthcare in the U.S.?

Late last month, Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, JPMorgan teamed up with an announcement that was interesting to say the least. These three leaders in the corporate world announced they are joining forces to create an independent healthcare company specifically for their employees.  

Legacy Modernization in the Age of Cyberattacks

It is impossible to ignore the recent cyberattacks on both public and private companies. From the WannaCry ransomware attack that wreaked havoc around the world, to the latest Equifax, SEC, and Deloitte cyberattacks, it seems as if these events are becoming more commonplace. 

Beyonce and the Value of Surprise Marketing

Surprise is arguably one of the most powerful marketing tools. When a marketer is able to build value in a product or service through genuine excitement, anticipation and surprise, the results can be exceptional.

How to Blog for a New Industry

Bloggers and freelance writers are accustomed to being thrown into new industries — having to not only learn a whole new subject — but then needing to write about it, too.

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Expert Source

Features as a subject matter expert in marketing and technology . 

100 experts surveyed: Here are the best content marketing tools

"While Ahrefs is typically utilized for link building research, the content explorer tool is incredibly helpful in coming up with ideas for what to write about based on what is getting the most traffic. I can see how other companies are writing about similar topics and leverage that to create content that is stronger and thus will perform better for our brand. The best strategy for utilizing this tool is to start by typing in your industry as a topic, and then drilling down into more specific topics, ideas, and services from there to see what is getting traffic. You can also use the content gap tool on Ahrefs to see what your competitors are writing about that you haven’t covered yet."

Want to learn how to do SEO?

"Sometimes the best way to learn something is by diving right in and doing it -- and I truly believe that is the best way to learn SEO. Sign up for free trials with the major SEO tools and platforms, like Ahrefs and Moz Tools -- and set up a Google Search Console profile. Explore tutorials they have to offer and other content you can find online -- such as YouTube tutorials and white papers by each platform."

Top 25 Accountant Marketing Ideas from the Pros 2018 - Fit Small Business

"CPAs should establish themselves as thought leaders in their industries. You don’t have to be working for a huge accounting firm in order to make a name for yourself. When people are searching for a CPA, it is often difficult for the individual to determine if they actually need a CPA and also why they need a CPA. Ten-minute consultations take just a little bit of time and can be an excellent tool for building rapport with potential customers. These consultations will often turn into paying customers, so it can be an extremely cost-effective marketing tool that most CPAs can handle on their own without hiring outside help."

What's the Big Deal About Digital Health? Understanding This Revolution in Healthcare - Rasmussen

“I expect more digital technology such as telemedicine to be incorporated into care plans in the future, and I believe this will help reduce costs for patients and increase their compliance to post-op protocol, such as medication compliance. This would make patients healthier and less prone to expensive emergency room visits, and will allow doctors to spend more time in-person with patients in need”.

The Future of AI in Marketing - MartechExec

"I believe the future of AI in marketing is in more advanced chatbots.


Chatbots are traditionally used for customer service, but with more advanced applications in the works, I would like — and expect — to see them be utilized to serve enticing content to website visitors based on their interaction with the website. This could prove to be an interesting lead generation tool, and it continue the trend of catering marketing materials to the individual rather than to the masses. This would also be in line with the trend of humanizing AI to the point that users believe they are connecting with another human rather than a computer."

25 Creative Financial Advisor Marketing Ideas & Strategies - Fit Small Business

"Financial advisors should establish themselves as thought leaders in their industries. You don’t have to be working for a huge financial firm in order to make a name for yourself. I recommend starting a blog (or having someone ghostwrite a blog for you) and commit to posting a couple of times per month. Use frequently asked questions you receive to frame blog topics and offer advice that will be truly valuable to your target audience. This will help you rise in search engine rankings and it also helps establish authority for your brand."

Top 5 Dying Marketing Trends for 2018 & What Your Should Do Instead - Software Advice

“We are finding that marketers who invest more time creating a high quality piece of content that is useful and purposeful to the brand’s audience will be much more successful than content written strictly for SEO. Write meaningful content for your audience and rankings will rise naturally over time.”

25 Innovative Ecommerce Marketing Tips from the Experts - Omnisend

"When starting out, many novice marketers or small business owners will immediately go in for the ask within their marketing strategy. Unfortunately, consumers aren’t going to immediately trust your business or brand and buy in—that’s just not how it works these days.


My number one tip is to give something of value to your audience first: a discount code, a premium piece of content, or a shoutout on social media before expecting them to convert.

Be creative with what your “give” can be so that it is reflective of your business and brand."

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